The Goon Show Preservation Society

Royal Patron H.R.H Prince Charles,
Prince of Wales


23rd May 2016

The AGM is to take place Saturday 11th June,
(see Society News page)

1st January 2016

It's that time of the year again folks, when the annual subs' are due,
but wonder of wonders,
they are the same price as last year,
so what are you waiting for, jump right in and get all that lovely moolah flowing
our way, you know it makes sense…

Still not sure?

Well how about this, if you want to see what we're about then send an email to our administrator's address and we will send you  free of charge, no questions asked mate, wrapped in brown paper and marked "early victorian studies", a completely free, gratis and for nothing, copy of our latest e-newsletter.
You can't say faired than that (well you can, but Bloodnok will be wanting his share if we charged you anything for it…)

So, good Sirs and Ladies, welcome to our world.
We are delighted
to announce that this is the official web site of
The Goon Show Preservation Society.

                              (Grams): Hooray!   

We hope you enjoy your visit.
(just click on the enter)

Thank you.       
The Chairman John Repsch, Les our web fiend, and,
the Committee of the GSPS 



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